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Custom Therapeutic Necklace Design

More Than Just A Necklace 

DiscoverThe Intelligence Of Earth

Support your healing intentions and personal growth with unique designs, custom made for your unique energy field and biosystems. 

Life Is Rich Beyond Measure

Connect To The Power Of Nature

What Makes Gemstone Necklaces Healing? 

Gemstones hold the energies of earth intelligence. When we connect to these energies, it allows our bodies and energy fields to resonate and adjust to those healing frequencies. Each type of stone embodies a unique characteristic of earth harmonic resonance. When combined appropriately with other quality gemstones, these frequencies can create an energetic field that connects with the body, nourishing and healing us in multiple ways.


We have found necklaces to be the most powerful and effective way to deliver these energies to the body. The chakra and energetic system's of the body all line up around the neck, which makes it a great place for gemstone therapies to be placed. Other locations can be used, such as wrists or ankles, but these areas only access a portion of the body's energetic systems. 



Intentions give the purpose to the necklace design. There are a wide variety of intentions that can be used. Here are some general examples: 

  • Emotional Stability & Processing

  • Communication

  • Archetypal Connection

  • Connection To The Elements

The more specific the intention, the better. If you are having trouble with your intention, don't worry. We will work together to find the right intention for your design. 


The Imbuing Process

Our Imbuing process is a proprietary method that we have developed over years of research containing over 20 steps and using a crystal scalar device containing crystals that have been charged with a zero point energy in a lab in Malaysia. This allows the intentions we put into the crystalline structures to be enhanced hundreds of times.

Therapeutic Design Levels

$200 - $1200

$1200 - $3000

$3000 - $5500

Super Advanced


Usually consists of 1 type of gemstone that have all been checked for quality and high graded for energetic balance. Basic imbuing is applied. Suitable for simple intentions. 

The most common design level we make is Intermediate. These designs consist of multiple types of gemstones and can hold patterns for more complex intentions allowing for stronger types of imbuing.

Advanced designs are the second most popular. They hold more complex intentions and tend to have more intricate energetic patterns within the design. 

Super Advanced designs are quite special and can hold strong archetypal energies. These necklaces require higher quality gemstones to hold the energy for the more complex imbuing process. 

These necklaces hold very powerful intentions and use the highest quality gemstones available in order to hold the complexity of the energetic patterns and stronger imbuing.  

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Currently, we only ship within the United States. 

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