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Integrated Apothecary

Tools For Harmonic Living

At Integrated Apothecary, we are dedicated to bringing you the highest quality ingredients for all our herbal and gemstone products. We believe that the quality of these items is important for wellness, healing, and energetic support. We connect to the stones, oils, and plants used in our products to bring in positive intentions and powerful formulas that we love to share with our community.

Our History

We believe in filling our lives with joy, that kindness really does matter, and connecting to the intelligence of nature. Integrated Apothecary was born out of playfulness, joy and the desire for high quality products that put us in harmony within ourselves and with nature. 

Do what you love in life, express yourself with joy!

Zero-Point Charged & Imbued

Our Imbuing process is a proprietary method that we have developed over years of research containing over 20 steps and using a crystal scalar device containing crystals that have been charged with a zero point energy in a lab in Malaysia. This allows the intentions we put into the crystalline structures to be enhanced hundreds of times.

Crystal Ball
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The Integrated Apothecary Team

Christine Estrema

Founder & Designer

Christine brings a background in science, bio-tech and resonant materials.  She is like a swiss army knife of knowledge on everything from physics to biology to engineering. She also has a background in making exceptional orgone devices and loves working with crystals and healing arts.  She brings tremendous joy into the process of creation and a scientists eye for detail and measured experimentation. 

David Tejeda

Lead Gem Designer

David's therapeutic necklace designs have inspired, advanced healing and transformed the lives of countless world class healers and innovators in the over 20 years that he has given in mastering his art. Few on earth can claim to have the understanding and mastery of gemstones like David. He's on a different level. He feels and sees, with great detail, the secret resonant patterns that live in people and then strengthens them by matching these patterns in geometries of gems. 

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