Lost Your Smell After COVID?

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Learn how to retrain the brain to smell. Smell helps alert us to danger (spoiled food, smoke, gas leaks), it enhances our enjoyment of food, and becomes an important part of our memory of people, places, and events. How discouraging to have it disappear. Loss of smell that is triggered by a virus usually gets better over time. Smell training has been shown to increase the odds & speed of recovery. Smell training is particularly successful in people who lost their sense of smell in connection with a viral infection, but has been useful for other causes as well, including trauma, Parkinson’s and aging. This course will teach you how to regain your smell over 12 weeks. Most participants begin to regain their sense of smell in as little as 2 weeks with this protocol. Request your Free Kit After Sign Up! Available during October 2021

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Christine Estrema Sun
Christine Estrema Sun


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